"As a seasoned event planner, television broadcaster at a network and local level; and marketing communications executive, I know how essential it is to

have a group of professional resources you can depend on to accomplish consistent, high-quality results on deadline and on budget.

For me, Tammy Taylor has become one of those trusted, solution-oriented resources I have turned to for everything from recommendations for performers, performance contracts, production and hospitality riders, public relations artist radio interviews with local media, ground transportation, etc. When the demands and complications dealing with performers became "interesting", Tammy was there to find a way to go over, under or around the obstacles and get the job done at the best price for our events. She understood the special requirements of working with government regulations and ordinances and help smooth the way with the various performers' agents and agencies to conform with City regulations and Missouri state laws.

I first began working with Tammy when she worked with an agency representing Little River Band. I had an excellent experience working with her and the band and planned to work with her (and that agency) again when planning the next year's entertainment for the Celebrate St. Peters Festival. Unfortunately, she had left that agency and I didn't work with her that next year for the festival. What a difference... our experience that year was not good.

I tracked her down and have worked with her ever since for the festival's main stage entertainment. Through the years we've had all kinds of challenges including last-minute performer (and family) demands, high-pressure weather emergencies, and equipment or travel complications. Every year she helps us work through the curve balls and the show goes on the stage and we have thousands of happy fans in the audience.

As an event planner, I'm looking for a partner I can depend on who I know will go the extra mile to make our event successful and on budget, That's why

I've chosen to work with Tammy Taylor. I offer my highest personal recommendation for Tammy and her services."

-Lisa Bedian

Sports Marketing Professor / National Event Promoter

St. Peters, MO